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How to Make and Use a Sling Bow


Sling Bow

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I got this idea from Dave Canterberry so I cannot take any credit.  This has been done on youtube many times, but I don’t like seeing, I like doing…

This Sling Bow was a fun project, and if I spent the time to practice, this has the potential to be a useful tool.  However, right now I am only shooting it for fun.

You do need to be careful with this, its not a kid’s toy, there is a potential for injury if its misused.

At the base form a sling bow is just a normal sling shot with some type of rest built between the arms to hold an arrow up.  On my sling bow, I used a split ring held in place with two pieces of cord.  More advanced sling bows use archery whisker biscuits.

The problem I had was that since I was just experimenting I used very cheap kids arrows, so they were not long enough to fully achieve the power this little device could make.

I think with experience and practice this would be a useful tool.  I also think it needs a better set-up than my split ring.  Canterberry’s bow uses a whisker biscuit to hold the arrow.  I need to try that.

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