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So You Are Going To Prison

Book Review: So You Are Going To Prison

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I wish I could tell you that So You Are Going To Prison was worth the read, but in all honesty I cannot. I thought it was a pretty cool title, but there really is not a lot of substance to it.

I work in a prison, and this book really was noting more of a rehash of common prison themes.

In my opinion, the only way the material in this book will help you is if you are so sheltered that you know absolutely nothing about prison (including watching TV )- and if that’s the case, you probably should not be doing anything that could land you in jail (hey, on second thought – you really should not be doing anything that will land you in jail anyway…)

I bought “do you are going to prison” because of two things – the first is that I was interested based upon my experiences working at various Tennessee prisons and I wanted to see if the author got it right.

The second is because I have a nagging suspicion that I may die in prison.  Not because I do bad things, but because everything I enjoy doing is slowly being regulated out of existence by nanny state supporters and we are living in an increasingly tyrannical world where feelings and subjective thought trump fact and liberty.  It seems like freedom minded folks that just want to live there own life on their own terms are becoming more and more marginalized.

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