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How to Build a Beer Can Mortar Bed


Soda Can Mortar Bed Build

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It did not take long to make a basic beer can mortar bed from some 2×4 lumber and screws.

This base is very basic.  I have some ideas for improvement.

However, I want to start from a known system.

This bed is built using the plans that came with my mortar tube from blackpowder-cannons.com.

The video is pretty self-explanatory.

How to Build a Mortar Bed

  • First, start by cutting 2 pieces of 2×4 15 inches long, a piece 13 inches long, and a support 3 inches long.
  • Next, mark the center of the 15 inch boards.  Mark that line 1/2 inch from the top.
  • Then, drill a pilot hole through the mark you made, and then follow up with a 1 inch hole saw.
  • Cut the top out of the cut on the board so the cannon trunions can slide down into the hole you cut.
  • Next center the 13 inch board at the base of the two longer boards and screw them to the shorter board forming a channel for the mortar to sit in.
  • Knock the 3 inch board into this channel and set the cannon into the trunion holes.
  • Move the 3 inch board forward and back until then cannon is resting at a 45 degree angle when sitting in the trunion mounts and resting on the top of the board.
  • Finally, screw the support board in and your bed is finished.

I went ahead and fabricated some strap to hold the cannon in place, and I painted mine, now to make some rounds and find some places to test fire it.

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