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Sricam Wireless Surveillance CCTV Review


Sricam 720P HD Waterproof Wireless Surveillance CCTV

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I admit I have mixed feelings about this camera, than the last one I reviewed.  This one was easier to hook up to my phone, and I like the single cable instead of three separate cords coming from the camera.  IT goes to IR nicely, and has a good picture.  However, it feels cheaper, the mounting bracket is awful and I can’t find the software to install on either my mac or my pc.

Google play and itunes have the sricam software for phones, and that works great, but the sricam software for computers is either hard to find or it does not work with this camera.

I do like how this doesn not need a n SD card installed into the guts to make it record, but since I want to use this on my land – and there is not interent there, then this partiucular camera does me no good.

However, at $40, if you only want to use this to check on things with your phone, and you install it where there is internet, then this is a very useful camera for the price.

I guess it really depends on your usage.

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