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Starving the Monkeys

Book Review: Starving the Monkeys

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Of all the non-fiction books I have read, Starving the Monkeys is in the top 5 of books that have influenced who I am and who I am growing into. This is one of the neatest books I have read in a long time.

It is hard to categorize though. I has some of the author’s history that shows where he is coming from and allows you to see the credibility that he brings to the book. Personally he hooked me when he described getting a FFL and running a firearm store from his dorm room at a military service academy.

He gives a very insightful look into the nature of business, employment, and free market, describes the root problem with the way we interact with our Republic, and gives a workable solution.

This book is very well researched and referenced, and gives little asides that lead the reader to do there own research. I am of the opinion that if the reader absorbs this book, and does all the “homework” then they will have the equivalent of a true liberal arts degree (meaning they are well rounded and equipped to work in modern society).

My favorite part, the most entertaining, and what I have gotten the most usage from is his take on Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Baugh uses fictional cavemen to illustrate the points of the book, and how the free market works. I cannot prove that the work Chicken comes from the caveman husband and wife team of Chi and Ken who first domesticated chubby little birds and kept them in little cages, but it makes sense to me…

In my opinion, if everyone bought this book instead of donating to various political causes, we would get out of this mess we are in a lot sooner, and with a lot less waste. But then again, if everyone read this book, we would be unfit to be lead, and the current crop of politicians would not know what to do without anyone listening to them.

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