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How to Make Straight Cuts on Plywood

How to Make Straight Cuts on Plywood

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This is a simple trick to help you make straight cuts on plywood or other wide materials.

I wish I would have learned it sooner, as I never can cut wood and follow a line.  This tip is much more traditional and safer than my post on how to cut circles on a table saw.

To cut wood simply, just measure from the edge of the blade guide to the inner edge of the blade.

This accounts for the kerf of the blade – or the amount of wood lost to the cut.

Take that measurement and add it to the distance you need to cut and mark it on your plywood.

For example if I need a 2 foot board and the measurement of my guard is one and a quarter inches, I mark the board at 25 1/4.

I then clamp a straight edge on the mark and measure to ensure that it is even all along my cut.

Then all I have to do is tightly follow my guide and I will cut exactly down the line I need.

Simple right – now in the video I was too busy trying to look good on camera and allowed the saw to move away from my guide which resulted in a wavy cut – that was my fault not the systems…


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