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Street E&E

Street E & E

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Street E&E isn’t the best book I have ever read, but taken as part of a systematic education it is useful.

I do think every prepper needs some understanding of escape and evasion, but I also think it is easy to go too far with it.In this book, the author tells you how to survive when you’re outflanked and outgunned. Rather than clashing head-on with every problem that comes along, you need to learn to apply hit-and-run tactics, utilize the environment and use your enemies’ weaknesses against them.

This is something that can be pretty useful. However, I still would not recommend buying Street E&E until you have mastered more essential skills. It is in interesting thing to think about, and there are some useful tidbits in the book, but there is an element of Mall Ninja in the idea. Especially for us typical blue collar citizens.

There is no doubt that Animal MacYoung knows his stuff, but I think that in this case, the book is a captivating book title more than a finished work.  There are probably much better sources of information for the same or similar money.

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