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Using the Sureshot HD Video Game Review

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This Sureshot HD game is so easy to hook up, and it pushed the wife over the edge so I could buy a new TV – of course our old one is from the 90s so it was time.

To hook this up, plug it into the wall and take the hdmi cable from the device and plug it into the tv.  There are also some velcro tape in the package to help stick it to your tv – but that may not be necessary for you.

All that is left is to turn the SureShot HD shooting game on and follow the instructions on the screen to set up your guns.

I would suggest you set up the guns from where you are going to be standing.  My son likes trying to get up close to the tv so he can cheat – but he can’t figure out why he misses.  The game setup tells the game where the gun is located, move too far from that spot and your gun will be misaligned to the tv.

The game comes with two bluetooth guns and two games (two hard games) – but if you sign up for a profile you can get a credit for a third game – we got a single player shoot’em up “army” game.

My son and I both like the single player shoot’em game the best, but the two gun hunting games are more fun with groups.

This wasn’t a Christmas present, I got these games around Thanksgiving to do a review on, but it has gotten the most use of all my son’s presents.  He loves this game, and did not want to stop playing it to talk about it on camera.

I try to use this to teach some gun handling rules, but let him have fun and haven’t started to work on his cross dominant eye issue yet – but this game helped me notice his issue, so for me its not all fun and games, but this is a fun game and I am happy I got the chance to use it.  I really like this game and think its a great deal.

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