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Survival Hax’s Tactical Pen Review

Tactical PenI just reviewed another cool product from Survival Hax.  This tactical pen is my favorite product so far (and my boy really liked the survival kit.

I was looking for a pen I could take to work, but this one just won’t make into the prison I work at.  It is easily considered a weapon.

Its sturdy construction, the titanium glass breaker tip, and the hidden fire starter all make this inappropriate for use in a controlled facility. – however, this hard core pen is very useful.

I keep it hanging on my rear view mirror.  If I get in a wreck it can help save my life by breaking the safety glass – and if I get attacked the solid construction and sharp tip can easily be used to protect my life – It gets additional points for being a simple pen.

This 4 in 1 tactical pen is a great product and I am glad survival hax gave me the opportunity to review it.

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