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Gear Review: Survival Still Grill

Gear Review: Survival Still Grill

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One of the things I love about the survival still is how versatile it is. In today’s video we use it on a charcoal grill and tried to test how much we could get, unfortunately it began raining and messed up our semi-almost scientific test.

I know a lot of people complain about the Survival Still – some don’t like the inventor, others say that the design is too simple to justify the cost, and some just don’t want to spend close to $300 for a water still.

I have no opinion of the inventor’s personality as I only met him once and he seemed okay to me but I do agree that it is a lot of money, and that the design is simple.

I do not think that those two things make it a rip-off – first I look at the value – what the device provides – which is a virtually inexhaustible method of making pure drinking water from almost any type of contaminated water.

That can be priceless as no other system has the potential to clean up radiological, chemical and biologically polluted waters.  It costs less than a Glock which I also use to protect my family, so to me what it does is worth the money.

Second – a simple design is to be valued rather than diminished.  It takes time, effort, and understanding to design something so simple.  I am not saying I could not have designed the survival still, but I didn’t and I am not envious of the man that did.  To my mind, he deserves to charge what he wants to for the things he creates.

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