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Survival Still Review


Gear Review: Survival Still

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The survival still I am reviewing today is a lightweight, portable water purification still that can purify almost any water source from any heat source.

That makes it flexible.  Which is a vital, but often overlooked feature of survival products.

As soon as I saw this still I knew I had to have one, so far this has been the ONLY piece of survival equipment I purchased without needing to do any research.   Understood the science behind the product, and the second I was introduced to the product I knew it was a keeper.

As a matter of fact, my first question was, how many do I need to buy to become a dealer?  The only other question I asked concerned the makeup of the drip tube (the only non stainless steel part in the product).  By the way, the tube is medical grade silicon so it won’t degrade or release dangerous chemicals if it is accidentally exposed to solvents.

I am a true believer in this product, and as time passes I will show videos where we distill various contaminates, and using a variety of heat sources so you can see the versatility.

The Survival Still is a non-electric appliance that uses the science of distillation to purify water by boiling the water and collecting the pure steam leaving any contaminates behind.

Because of the process, distillation allows you to have consistently pure water from virtually any water source, without the use of filters.   There are no moving parts, no filters to clog or replace, and no complicated steps to remember.

The survival still lets you purify water from your swimming pool, a stream or even the ocean, for as long as is needed.  When the disaster (or camping trip) is over, simply wash out the bottom pot and pack away.

The Survival Still…

  • Permanently supplies high-purity, sterile drinking water.
  • Extremely effective against all types of contaminants.
  • Kills and removes bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Is a permanent solution for purifying sea water.
  • Does not need filters, maintenance, infrastructure or a supply chain.
  • Distillation is recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross!

The power of distillation

As we said earlier, the Survival Still uses the process of distillation.  This process scaled down from nature’s process to purify water.

Nature purifies water through the three-step process of

  1. Evaporation
  2. Condensation
  3. Precipitation.

When water evaporates it cannot hold onto the particulates such as dirt, debris, or heavy metals so these contaminants stay behind while the vapor is pure.

The pure vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds move inland and release the water as rain. Rain is very pure water and is the source of all fresh water on the planet.

In the same way, distillation produces high-purity water without the need for filters.

How it works

The Survival Still is designed to be used with standard cooking pots that you already have.

  • To use the Survival Still simply fill a standard soup pot with about a gallon of water and put it on a heat source such as a propane grill, stove top, or campfire.
  • Bringing the water to a boil kills any bacteria and parasites.
  • Contaminants are left in the lower pot, while the pure steam rises and is captured by the Survival Still.
  • The Survival Still rests on top of the bottom pot.
  • A second pot of water sits on top of the Survival Still, for the purpose of cooling the steam back into liquid water.
  • Droplets of pure distilled water then drip down and they flow into a storage container.

Once again, the Survival Still® is a wonderful addition to your preparedness plan, it is rugged enough, effective enough, simple enough, and effective enough to be one of your primary water purification methods, and unlike filters there is nothing to replace or clog.

As an added benefit, the action of condensing the pure steam heats the water in the top pot so that as you purify your drinking water on your campfire you are heating water for hygiene needs – so you are getting multiple benefits from the same device.

How does the Survival Still® compare to filters?

Survival Still®

All Filters

Meets Red Cross Recommendations



Converts Ocean Water into Drinkable Water



Fail Safe Protection (air gap that separates contaminated water from purified water)



Kills AND Removes Bacteria and Viruses



Lifetime Warranty



Lifetime Performance Guarantee



Made in the USA



Effective on Radioactive Contaminants



Effective on Toxic Metals



Excellent Value




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