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How to Make Sweet Tea Vodka


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I love sweet tea, and I wanted to try to make something a little different, so I made up some sweet tea vodka.

  • To make tea infused vodka just pour a cup of vodka into a mason jar and add a tea bag and let steep until it got to the desired color.
  • To make sweet tea vodka add a tablespoon of sugar per cup of vodka.
  • After an hour the alcohol has pulled out the tea. and made tea with a kick.

I like mixing it half and half with lemonade to make a drink called the John Daly, but you can drink shots of your sweet tea vodka or chase it.

Anyway you want it that’s the way you get it.

This was a little bitter for my taste, so I mixed it with lemonade.  I prefer the John Daly as my method of drinking sweat tea vodka.

Actually, my favorite adult beverage is muscadine wine.  One of  these days I am going to plant some muscidines so I can make my own wine from the grapes.  I did grow blackberries for that reason, but the kiowa blackberries tended to get eaten before they were turned to juice.

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