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Tailogy Mosquito Net Hammock Review


Tailogy Mosquito Net Hammock Review

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I love camping, and I love Hammocks, but I hate mosquitoes. They are the bane of my existence. Recently tailogy asked if I wanted to review their Mosquito Net Hammock and I was very excited to try it out.

I comes in its own travel pouch and contains a hammock with integrated mosquito net, two metal carabiner clips, two straps, and two cords for the net.

It went up easy – I just tied both straps to a strong support and then clipped the hammock to each strap using the included clips. The net was easy to install also.

There are 6 tabs on the net – 3 to a side. Simply tie off the two cords to a support strap and run each through 3 of the net tabs and tie it off to the strap on the other side.

Jump in the net and zip it up to sleep under the stars.

If I was camping in this Mosquito Net Hammock I would add a couple of spreader bars between the net tabs so they were spread wide. I would also consider throwing a poncho over the net for dew.

However, both of these ideas are not necessary, it works right out of the bag.

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