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Take a Kid to the Range – Pass on the Heritage

Take a Kid to the Range - Pass on the Heritage

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This isn’t a rant so much as a plea. Take a Kid to the Range – Pass on the Heritage

We have to introduce more people to the joys of shooting. One of the things that drove me into firearm training was the joy I received from watching someone who was hesitant and maybe a little scared of guns blossom into a gun enthusiast. It’s a great feeling to vicariously experience the feeling of strength a person has when they learn they can control such a powerful tool.

In our country certain mindsets are dying, the joy of self-reliance, independence, and strength of character are being replaced by the cult of personality, conformity, and dependence through apathy. I do not believe firearms ownership to be the single solution to these problems, but I do believe firearm ownership is a strong indicator that we are making progress at destroying the symptoms. You see, the vast majority of firearm owner’s I know are dedicated to the idea that they are responsible for their actions; you cannot go to a self-defense forum or training seminar without having that concept drilled into your brain.

Gun usage is an all or nothing proposition, you are safe, or you are not, either you hit the target or you did not. It is about absolutes. In an age of moral relativism, introducing our youngsters to the idea that there is a fundamental right way of doing things, and that in some instances your intent, or your apology does not take back the consequences for failing to do what is right.

What is even better is that firearms lend themselves to teaching those essential lessons in a way that does not alienate the child. Learning self-discipline is hard, but taking a kid shooting is an easy way of teaching self-control and helping a child master those concepts while building a strong relationship.

As Herb Parsons said “Hunt with your kid and not for them”

Lastly, not only is shooting one building block of raising a strong child, it builds the next generation of shooters keeping the sport alive.

Once again, I plead with you, Take a Kid to the Range – Pass on the Heritage

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