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Technician No-Code Plus

Book Review: Technician No-Code Plus

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Technician No-Code Plus is the first book I bought when I decided to get a ham license.  Actually, this and the test bank is all I used to learn enough to pass the test.

It is very basic, but gives you all the information you need to get a FCC Technician’s License for the Amateur bands.

There is some good practical knowledge to be found in this book, and for the price – I recommend it as a great starting place.

I find that Ham radio is essential to preparedness, this is because Amateur radio works when all other communication methods fail.

Smart emergency managers work with ham operators so that the Amateur bands can be seamlessly integrated into disaster response efforts.

I also find that due to the nature of the hobby, ham technicians are very willing to take the time to work with inexperienced individuals wanting to learn how to use the radios, unfortunately it is my experience that they like ham for ham’s sake, and are not as willing to share with those that are getting licenses for emergency preparedness reasons.

I would recommend NOT telling that your primary interest is being ABLE to communicate, but rather stick to discussion of your desire to learn how TO communicate.

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