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Easy@Home Deluxe TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator – EHE-010 Review

Gear Review: Easy@Home Deluxe TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator - EHE-010


Gear Review: Easy@Home Deluxe TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator - EHE-010

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I wish I would have bought one of these TENS units years ago.  I have a lot of pain.  Some from complications of diabetes, but mostly from getting back into an active lifestyle after decades of inactivity and self destruction.  As soon as I plugged this device in I started to have relief from aches.  It works on specific areas in relieving muscle tension.

I have also had a good time sticking the electrodes on large muscle groups and turning it on full strength and watching my muscles twitch.

Inexpensive Home TENS

This particular unit was pretty inexpensive, and it takes standard 2mm electrodes so it is cheap to get more.  I like it because it is very intuitive and easy to use.  The manual tells where to place the electrodes, and the unit has a easy to understand interface.  Simply place the electrodes form the tens unit on the area to be stimulated, turn the dial on, press the appropriate buttons for body area and power mode and simply enjoy the relief.

I have heard of these devices being used for isometric exercise, and have used one at the chiropractor.  However, this is the first time I had been able to actually experiment with one.  I have read that TENS has recently gained FDA approval for treatment of migraine headaches, which is interesting as I have a lot of tension headaches that are only relieved by scalding hot showers.

The amount of hot water I use to stay human when these headaches hit are unsustainable from a prepper standpoint, so I have been looking for an alternative.  The next headache I get I am trying this device.

I have used it very successfully in temporary reduction of diabetic nerve pain in my feet.  I have also used it on my sore arthritic hands.

As I said, I really like this product.  I am pleased that Easy@Home gave me the opportunity to review their product.  I thank them for giving me this device in exchange for the review because I probably would never have bought it on my own and would not have had the chance to learn how useful they are.


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