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Terrorism and Media Frames

Terrorism and Media Frames

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I used to work as a criminal justice adjunct instructor for a a private college here in Nashville.  I ended up teaching terrorism much of the time, and while going through my computer I found several PowerPoint files and lesson plans I felt would be useful to some of the readers of this site.

Now this post on terrorism and media frames comes from the terrorism course, but media bias, contagion effects, the big lie, and how media framing is something all well informed citizens need to understand.

It is rather long – coming in at 30 minutes, but I saved you from any cutesy intro music, and all the nice to know illustrative stuff I would have talked about in a normal 3 hour course.

The media doesn’t look out for your interests like some claim they do, and if you want to be informed, it pays to understand why.

As you see what the media reports on and how they frame the story to show a particular view an unbiased individual can see that the news is being presented to show a particular view.

While you can become informed by the modern news if you don’t recognize the bias you can be influenced without even knowing it.


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