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The Ayoob Files

Book Review: The Ayoob Files

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If you own a gun you need to read The Ayoob Files.

Ayoob describes in detail several lethal force encounters, what happened, why it happened, and what the legal consequences were. This is another book of mine that is dog eared, bookmarked, and highlighted.

I discuss portions of this book in all my defensive firearm classes, because the information is relevant to my students.

Anyone can learn to use a firearm, but learning when to use a firearm, or how to use a firearm when one is being used against you are trickier… This books gives the reader quality ammunition to use to make the “when to” decision…

The information contained within this book can also help you make good decisions so you can survive not only the confrontation, but the legal aftermath.

I cannot remember a firearm class I have taught where I did not mention some bit of information or concepts covered in this book.  This is an older book and the real situations are older, but the concepts are true still.  This is not, and no book it, the only information you need, but I do believe that this book is one that all firearm instructors, permit holders, or owners should read and understand.


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