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The Frugal Cook

The Frugal Cook

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In modern America almost a third of all food purchased is thrown out.  Frugality is not cool – at least for some.

Of course, the readers of this website are opposite of that.  We embrace the make do, reuse, and refuse to waste mindset.  In the Frugal Cook recipes are given for frugal but very tasty recipes.The lost art of thrift is rediscovered in this cookbook through a wealth of fantastic recipes, from budget breakfasts–Spring Vegetable Frittata or French Toast with Polish Cherries–to easy midweek suppers, such as Thai Beef Salad or Linguine with Stilton and Onion.

In a time where about a third of all the food purchased is thrown out, this book is ideal for anyone who is eager to cut out waste and make the most of everything they buy.

With a full glossary of ingredients and ideas for how to use them up, as well as a myriad of thrifty tips that promise to transform even the most sorry leftover into an inventive and tasty meal, this is a kitchen manual that no home can afford to be without.

The Frugal Cook is a great book for the money, and while it is not the sole answer for frugality, it does make a good place to start.


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