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Mask of Command

Book Review: Mask of Command

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In The Mask of Command, John Keegan asks us to consider questions that are seldom asked:

What is the definition of leadership? What makes a great military leader?

Why is it that men, indeed sometimes entire nations, follow a single leader, often to victory, but with equal dedication also to defeat?

Dozens of names come to mind…Napoleon, Lee, Charlemagne, Hannibal, Castro, Hussein. From a wide array, Keegan chooses four commanders who profoundly influenced the course of history: Alexander the Great, the Duke of Wellington, Ulysses S. Grant and Adolph Hitler. All powerful leaders, each cast in a different mold, each with diverse results.

“The best military historian of our generation.” –Tom Clancy

“A brilliant treatise on the essence of military leadership.” –The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Fascinating and enlightening… marked by great intellectual liveliness… Mr. Keegan knows how to bring fighting alive on the page.” –The New York Times

The Mask of Command is a book for preppers, leaders, instructors, and managers.  If you deal with people – especially if you deal with people in crisis, then you will benefit from the lessons in this book.

I enjoyed this book and have used its lessons in training officers to work in dangerous environments.


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