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The Prepper Next Door

Book Review: The Prepper Next Door

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When I got The Prepper Next Door in the mail, and opened it for the first time, I thought “Man that’s a lot of stuff”. After reading it I have to say, go with your gut, because this book does have a lot of information.

This book is jam packed with information, and has a reference section in the back that links to several well known prepper websites and YouTube Channels. I really appreciate it when authors give me ways to get more information, because if I liked the information they gave, and the way they have processed it, then it is pretty likely that I will find there references useful also.

The only problem I have with this book, an to be fair it may just be my preference for lists and bullet points, is that it reads like the author wrote from a long stream of consciousness session, where he just started talking about prepping and write it all down.

When you have as much information as Mr. Palmer has, then it is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is hard to go back and refresh yourself on topics covered or to find answers to specific problems.

Basically, in my opinion, this book has enough information to be a fine reference book, but it is not a reference book because of the difficulty in finding the information.

Don’t let that stop you from reading it though, because you will earn something in this book. The author has a lot of experience, and it shows.

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