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The Tactical Pistol

Book Review: The Tactical Pistol

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Big-city cop and gunfight veteran Gabe Suarez teaches you the most vital lessons and techniques for prevailing in any situation where you must draw your weapon.

Chapters in The Tactical Pistol include The Dynamics of a Gunfight, The Rules of Close-Quarter Combat, Holding Hostiles at Gunpoint and more.

This is not the only Suarez book I have reviewed because he has written several books worth reviewing.  I particularly like his book on the combative perspective.

This particular book builds upon the mindset lessons of the combative perspective by showing specific pistol techniques that you should master.

This is not the only pistol tactics book I own, and I do not think it should be your only book on handgun fighting – but I do think it is worth owning.

If you add this book to your library on pistol combat you are not wasting your time, money, or shelf space.  Which is saying a lot because for me, after collecting as many books as I have shelf space is pretty valuable.

I recommend the Tactical Pistol as a useful book to read as you study the science of handgun survival.  Read books like this from the old masters and add that to the work of the new masters and you will quickly gain skill.

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