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The Tactical Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun

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The Tactical Shotgun Suarez gives you his second book on tactical weapons.

Gabe Suarez sets the record straight on the true role of the shotgun in combat.

He shows you what you need to know to defend your home, family or business, including multiple hostiles, low-light situations, moving targets and more.

For those that don’t know Gabe Suarez is a veteran of Southern California law enforcement, where he has served for many years.

His extensive field experience includes single officer patrol, gang enforcement, special operations and tactical training.

He was one of the founding members of his department’s Special Weapons and Tactical Precision Rifle teams.

Gabe Suarez knows his shotguns, and the Tactical Shotgun is one of the best books on the subject.  If you want to know how to use a shotgun for interpersonal conflict resolution, you need to read this book.

This book is a key work on my shelf of shotgun manuals.  I don’t hunt or skeet shoot with my shotgun, it is only used for self-defense purposes, which makes this book even more valuable to me.  I recommend this book highly.  Between this book, a sling, and a lot of practice, you won’t need much else.

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