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The Tiger’s Way


Book Review: The Tiger's Way

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I have a friend that runs a local “mutual aid group” that uses The Tiger’s Way as a field manual, if you pick this book up, you will soon know why. The author, John Poole, has been both a commissioned infantry officer, as well as a noncom (USMC). He has also spent several years as a trainer and researcher.

I have to give him some credit simply because of his opening line on his amazon author bio “Through an inverted military career, H. John Poole has discovered a few things that more promotable people miss”. This guy is not afraid to say things that go against institutionalized dogma.  His statement made laugh and think about the different types of majors you find in the military.

This book gives a path toward a better trained US soldier, he describes strengths and weaknesses of the eastern soldier and explains how we can adapt their ways of doing things to make our guys better.

Besides giving a warrior some very interesting food for thought the back of the book contains a section of battle drills and training options that are worth the price of the book.

John Poole has done his homework, and is a great author of books to better prepare our American soldiers and Marines.  Stay tuned, If you liked The Tiger’s Way I also have another interesting read from Poole coming soon its called Phantom Soldier.

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