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Things You Can Learn from Camping That Will Make You a Better Prepper

Their are many things you can learn from camping that will make you better prepares. Nothing can replace the sheer teaching power of the experience. While you can read books upon books about camping and listen to friends that wax poetic about the bond between man and nature, only once you get a chance to test your survival skills in the wild – without electricity, a solid roof over your head, a flushable toilet and running water – will you get a chance to test your survival skills.

Every experienced camper will tell you that preparation is 60% of survival in the wild, so if you want to face the hardships of the wild head on, here are things you can learn from camping that will make you a better prepper

The Mechanics of Using Water

If you think that a tent is the most important piece of equipment to bring along for your camping trip, think again. If push comes to shove, you can always crash in your car, and while this is not exactly a coveted camping experience, it is functional. 

At the end of the day, the most important element in your camping setup is water. Ideally, you can bring several big plastic jugs and keep them nice and covered so they are protected from the sun. In addition, you can bring a portable fridge with bottles of cooled water, but the most eco-friendly practice would be to take a reusable bottle with you and just top it off from the jugs. 

Above all else, you need to ration your water since you also have to use it for washing dishes, equipment and, well, yourself. A prolonged camping trip will inevitably illustrate you just how difficult it is to store and ration water and prep you for whatever challenges come your way. 

Preparing a Meal

Initially, the idea of preparing a hot meal on your first camping trip might sound daunting; impossible even. However, preparing creative camping meals doesn’t require you to be a culinary expert and a survivalist all wrapped into one.  (Try my spam boxcars)

First of all, you should keep the meals as simple as possible, but make sure that they are nutritious. Beans come to mind in that case, and they are a perfect exemplar of both plain and nourishing. Second, do most of the preparation at home. The more effort you make in your kitchen, the more time you’ll have to relish in the wonders of nature. 

Keep in mind that meat, while delicious and appropriate for camping trips, is a bit messy to prep. While utensils and disposable plates are a must, do not forget to bring some basic cleaning supplies along, as well as wet wipes. 

Balancing Weight and Usefulness

Initially, you will either underpack or overpack – it is unavoidable. Supplies are heavy and you will learn this the hard way if you decide to go backpacking for your camping trip. The experience might encourage you to pack light next time, but this is far from true. 

Remember – it’s always better to drag along too much than to have too little. However, this will also show you that you should venture out on camping trips more frequently and, through trial and error, learn how to achieve your own balance of weight when it comes to equipment. 

Wilderness Survival

A camping trip can be a perfect opportunity to learn how to live off the land. First of all, you need to learn as much as you can about the biome you are about to ‘brave’. Fishing, hunting, and gathering edible fruits can be an excellent way to ‘stretch’ your supplies. Your ability to discern an edible mushroom from a poisonous one can become an invaluable trait during the times of crisis

This is why, apart from camping, you should take extra time to learn how to fish, hunt and tend a makeshift garden. 

How to Keep Clean

It has already been mentioned that sanitation can present an issue, depending on the sheer amount of water you’ve managed to pack into the trunk of your car. 

However, this is not where those problems end. The question of sanitation should be addressed and taken care of from day one; the last thing you need is to wait for the battery of problems to emerge. Sanitation wipes and disinfection gels go a long way, and they usually don’t take too much space. 

Finally, if you find yourself in a situation that you need to take care of personal hygiene while you are in the midst of nature, you should find the nearest body of water. Running water is preferable to stale, and then you should go as far upstream as you possibly can before you find a spot to clean yourself up. 


Camping trips are primarily a wonderful way to savor the natural splendor and reconnect with the rhythm of nature. However, this is not the only wonderful revelation that such an outing can grant you. It can also prepare you for a variety of inconvenient situations, simply because camping requires you to be resourceful and self-reliant. All and all, it is an incredible experience that will transform the way you look at many conveniences which we typically take for granted in life.

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