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TNTell’s First Nerf Video

TNTell's First Nerf Video

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My boy has been watching a ton of minecraft and nerf videos and he has been after my wife to help him shoot videos while I am at work.

The pair did TNTell’s First Nerf Video on a cell camera, and he doesn’t know what he is talking about, but its cute how he is trying to emulate what he sees.

What does a 6 year olds video on nerf guns have to do with DIY and preparedness?  Nothing, but it has everything to do with why I work so hard to be prepared for disasters.  I love my family, and want them to be safe and secure, but also happy.

It makes me feel good to support my son, even more so that at this moment, he chooses to like the same things I do.

I bet that at some point he will start listening to music and doing things that I don’t like, but I figure I will still love him when he is a teenager.

But, as Exhibition shooter Herb Parson said, you can hunt with your kids, or hunt for them.  WT is not ready for hunting yet, but we can still let him get his gun fix in other ways.

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