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Tool Roll and Pack Review

Gear Review: Tool Roll and Pack

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Gear Review: Tool Roll and Pack

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Today I am going to talk about my solution for equipment organization.  I use a tool pack and organize my tools into specific a tool roll for each type of tool

When trying to build a farm that is over an hour away from your home, being able to quickly grab the tools you need so that nothing gets misplaced or left behind is pretty important.

I bought an old service truck to help with ensuring that when I got to the land and started working I had everything I needed.  However, as much help as the truck is, it is still hard to grab and go with a basic set of tools.

I need tools for working in the home, in the shop, and on the tractor.

I bought a $50 tool bag with a rubber bottom from Lowe’s and found that I could fit three tool rolls – I keep a roll of screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches in the bag.  I have other rolls for files and chisels that I keep in the truck – along with a much larger roll for auger bits.

I wrote the specific name of the tool roll on the handles, and used colored electrician’s tape to code them so I can easily grab what I need.

I keep often used tools in the front pocket of the backpack, keep basic survival gear like a lighter, flashlight, and bug spray in the side pocket, and still have one pocket left over for other items.

I can keep the big stuff like hammers in the truck and easily grab the bag to work on whatever I just broke.

All in all, I think it is a pretty good system, and Lord knows I need a system to keep everything organized.


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