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Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should Know

Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should Know


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By nature, a child likes to play around, do things on their own, sometimes lousy and even think they are old enough. Because all children are different, they exhibit different types of capabilities and skills. Remember, children have great individual variations of temperament, development and behavior.Every prepper plans and strategize for disasters but an often neglected aspect of prepping is training for children.

Help your growing child understand what is expected of him or her as they grow, with a little help from you as dear parents.

Since knowledge takes time to develop, so we need to start teaching them as soon as possible, and that is now.

Check out this article on the Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should Know to see what skills you should be teaching your kiddos.

Know how to make a fire.

Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should KnowYour child needs to know how to make a fire. You must be care to locate fire in a place where the wind wouldn’t blow directly on it, also, it works well in a large boulder. You need to have matches during camping and make sure your kid knows how to keep it safely under your control.

Know how to cook on a fire.

This survival skill is great to teach while you are on a camping trip. Help your kids how to cook on a fire and determine when food is ready to eat. You will need tinder, kindling, and logs.

Know to eat healthy and stay fit.

Your kids should know what foods are healthy to eat and how to stay in good shape. Explain the importance of having a healthy system and what it brings to you. If you are not in good shape, you will have a hard time surviving in a difficult situation.

Know how to handle and use a knife.

Every child should be shown how to hold and carry a knife for their own safety in everyday tasks around the house.

If an emergency occurs, a knife could be the only tool they will have available to help them survive until help arrives. Your child could learn using knife in cutting branches for shelter but also for hunting, if necessary, and to catch fish as well.

Know to find water and see if it’s safe to drink.

Help your child learn to locate water sources, and how to purify and clean the water, that is by using filters and boiling. Your child must know how to find water that is safe to drink.

In case your home has a deep well, you may continue to drink water from it and should be taught how to draw water from that well in case the electric is out. If your home does not have a well, then they need to search for bottled water.

Know basic first aid.

Every child should learn basic first aid and should know to treat wound or injury then tie a sling. Your child needs to be shown where your first aid supplies are stored and how to treat minor wound or injury. They also need to learn how to differentiate minor injuries from ones that require the attention of a doctor.

In case your child is alone, being able to cover and mend a cut or wound could save their life.

Know basic sewing.

Basic sewing should be taught to kids so they can patch clothing or any kind of garments when necessary. Mending clothes or any fabric and even make things like bags or scrap quilts are good advantage you can get when you know basic sewing.

Know basic self-defense.

Self-defense is another vital survival skill everyone should know, and that includes the kiddos. This is a skill your child needs to know to stay safe.

You can teach your child how to get away if someone grabs them. Instead of pulling away, tell your child to push towards the other person. Because of this, it could actually cause a person to lose its balance, then, will let go of your child as they would fall.

You don’t need to teach them any fancy skills – they need to know basic skills. Teach them to always follow their gut instincts. This could save your child’s life in a survival situation.

Know how to find or build shelter.

Your child needs to know how to find shelter away from home. Let them know the importance of a shelter in a survival situation and how to find a shelter when needed. under their clothes or use as a blanket.

Know how to read a map and compass.

Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should KnowA lost child is a scared child, and usually their first instinct is to begin searching for their family.

Teaching the kids reading a map is like making a lesson into a treasure hunt.

You may draw up a map marking the location of the treasure and then help them understand the directions.

Know where your family and friends live.

Your child needs to know where family and friends are to find a safe place especially if your child is in trouble. They need to know how to get to those safe homes.

Know what to do when they get lost.

A child if lost will sure feel uneasy and terrified. Wherever your child is lost; in a grocery store, on a hiking trip or along the street, the instruction is the same. In case your child realizes they lose their way, condition their mind to stop, sit as soon they are in this situation. No matter how scared they might be, assure them that you are searching for them.

Know how to grow garden.

Every child must need to understand how to plant a seed and harvest it. Teaching kids to grow their own food gives them knowledge and power. Encourage your child to learn and appreciate how to grow food.

Know what to do in bad weather.

Your child needs to know what to do when a bad weather is coming regardless he or she is both at home and away.  Does your child know what to do if he or she is home alone and a bad storm is coming?

Always plan on them being alone so that they can be independently safe, with this, they will not be dependent, they could count on themselves. Remind them to go to a basement and to stay away from windows.

Know how to swim.

Unfortunately, drowning is the third most common form of accidental death in children, so learning to swim really is an essential life skill. Swimming is one of the few skills that once learned is rarely forgotten. And, this is fun too for kiddos.

Know to raise and care for animals.

Teaching your kids, the responsibility of having a pet is very important and it is another great lesson to them. If you do not have room for livestock, consider keeping a few chickens or rabbits for your kids to care for.

Know basic woodworking.

If your kids could learn basic carpentry that will be a bonus.  If they can work well with woods or logs, then they can learn building almost everything. And, if possible, you can teach your kids to safely use tools like axe or hatchet in doing basic woodwork.

Know to Fish.

Fishing is easy to learn, easy to teach and doesn’t have to involve lots of expensive equipment. This can be a good bonding with the whole family especially on a vacation.

Know how to answer the door when they are home alone.

The best way is either not to answer or open the door. When the door is opened and closed with kids in and out, it leaves those in the home vulnerable to someone who is watching the home. Train your kid to be keen in keeping the windows locked, your blinds and curtains always closed.

Know how to climb a tree.

Top 20 Survival Skills a Kid Should KnowThis is part of the dangerous things you should let your kids do, as long as they are under your control.

Teach them how to climb safely which is really important, tell them when to stop climbing and when it is dangerous.

This skill can be useful because it eliminates a potential accident risk.

Final Say

One of the most important of parental goals is to make them independent and autonomous while they’re still young as soon as possible. As crises or emergencies arise, their survival training and real determination will decide if you get to ever tuck them in bed again.

When crisis strikes, knowing as many survival skills as possible may it’s a life and death situation for your children. You don’t have to be aggressive or scary about it, but you should teach your kids how to take care of themselves as they grow.

The sooner the children become self-sufficient, the greater their chance of surviving in any type of collapse. Make a game out of teaching survival skills and have fun with your child. You never know when your child may need to take care of himself/herself for a few days.

It’s your call.

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