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Total Money Makeover

Book Review: Total Money Makeover

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I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, about the only time I don’t listen to his show is when I have either just done, or are planning to do, something with my money that I know doesn’t fit in my budget. (like borrowing from my 401k to buy homestead land).  There is a psychological lesson in that statement….

Dave is the real deal when it comes to financial management.  He is a self made millionaire who has made and lost fortunes.  This has caused him to learn two seperate and equally important lessons, how to make money, and how to keep it.

I find that his book,  Total Money Makeover, is especially useful for preppers.

In general, Preppers already know how to save, and how to discipline ourselves in the short term for long term success, but we might not have the tools to make good choices with out money.

Dave has a simple system that is proven to work if you commit yourself to following the steps. We follow his system at our house, and think that as a part of a larger plan his baby steps are a essential to becoming self reliant.

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