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Disconnecting a Trailer Marriage Wall


Disconnecting a Trailer Marriage Wall

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Disconnecting a Trailer Marriage Wall is not something that is easily found on the internet.

I know I searched for hours trying to find out how to do it.

Finally, I sucked up my fear of heights and got my big self up on a ladder and started tearing into things until I found the bolts that connected the two halves of the double wide together.

I looked at the problem with a view toward how these trailers are delivered.  Starting out, I knew that they come on site in two complete pieces.  I also knew that the top and bottom had to be easy to get to.

Common sense said the top cap of the shingles should have been installed after the two halves were bolted together.  I started there and found that the shingles at the top of the trailer were easy to pull up.

A thin piece of chip board sat under the shingles and this board was not nailed or anything.  Under that board was the bolts.

There were not a lot of bolts, but the were two different sizes and un equally spaced throughout the top of the marriage wall.

Once these bolts were removed, the two trailers were disconnected at the top.

There were still a lot of bolts under the trailer, but we never really got them all – I gave up and dug out the backhoe.


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