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Truck Pulling Down a Trailer Wall

Truck Pulling Down a Trailer Wall

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I used the backhoe to tear down most of the trailer, but due to the hillside behind the trailer, I could not get the tractor into position to tear the building completely down.  Lucky I had some chain and a receiver hitch shackle like the one pictured.

I simply clipped the chain to the shackle and the other end to the walls I wanted to pull down and away we went.  This is not rocket science, and the video of my Dad’s truck pulling down a trailer wall is pretty short.

We just filmed it so I could show my wife that I do work when I go to the land.

She thinks I go to get out of the house and we don’t really do anything out there.  To be fair, when I do convince her to come visit the land she can’t really tell what has changed.

Developing a homestead can be overwhelming, especially when you live far away and have budget AND time issues.

However, there is a big difference in the place now that I have most of the trailer down and gone.

The first couple of times we wrapped the chain around the ball, but that was dangerous and it kept slipping.  Eventually I bought a shackle and it helped immensely in Pulling Down a Trailer Wall

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