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Unboxing the SureShot HD Shooting Game

Sureshot HD

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I don’t normally do unboxing videos, as I think they are boring – but the pure excitement WT showed when I told him the small box by the front door held the  SureShot HD shooting game he could play on the TV made me share this one.

I kept the SureShot HD shooting game in the box for a couple of days as the threat to not open it was a great behavior modifier, however the pure persistency of “Daddy when can we play the shooting game” got to be too much so I had to open it
I was not disappointed, as you can see in the video my boy loved opening it – my 5 year old was quite excited.  I have gotten much less response out of more expensive toys.  This was a great value for the $79.00 cost.

Its very easy to set up and plug up.  The kit is basically two bluetooth guns that have snap on stocks, and a receiver that has two cords.  One is a USB power cord and the other is a HDMI cable.

We don’t watch a lot of TV at our house so we never made the switch to flatscreen TV’s so I have to but an $8.00 adaptor to turn the HDMI output to my obsolete RCA jacks.

Of course this opens the discussion that I should buy a flatscreen for Christmas.

Stay tuned because Christmas isn’t going to be complete without me hooking this thing up – As I write this WT is running around with both guns hunting our dog “Coyote Ugly”



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