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USB Rechargeable AA Battery Review

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I bought this on a whim when I was searching through amazon.  I was trying to find something cheap to allow me to buy an add on item I needed.

This product is a USB Rechargeable AA Battery.  It uses a USB port to recharge so there are not cords to keep up with.

I like rechargeable batteries, because they are easier to store than hundreds of batteries, and I have several solar setups to recharge these batteries.

Here is some basic information about this battery:

  • Rechargeable——500 guaranteed recharges,applicable to all device with AA battery such as wireless. mouse, keyboards, clock, game controllers, electric shaver, remote control, household products.
  • High capacity——1450 mAh each battery and 1.2V nickel performance, suitable for any device which are using AA battery. Due to the high capacity it needs over 5 hours to full charge.
  • Easy to use and Charge from any USB Port——Recharge hundreds of times, at home, in the office. As long as there is an USB port, and then you can charge it.
  • USB Rechargeable Battery——Charging via USB interface, while they are charging, they are a red light flashes and get a little warm. When they are fully charged, the light goes blue and will get cool immediately.
  • Green & environmental——Long life, which can be charged 500+ times, a great substitute of traditional batteries.

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