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Using a Kid’s Microscope


I wanted to get my son more than just toys for Christmas, I wanted to get him stuff that he will both use, and will nurture a curious mind.  To that end, I bought him the book Greg’s Microscope and gave it to him a couple of months ago and we had many talks about all the cool things Greg discovered in his microscope (with William’s microscope already hidden in the present closet.)

It did not take long before WT started asking for a microscope (and a chemistry set) and the die was cast.

I also bought a scope adaptor so I could take pictures of his microscope adventures on my phone.  Unfortunately it was too big and I needed to adapt it.  Later I plan on using this on a .22 rifle scope.

So this is just a toy microscope, for under $50 you get plastic lens and a small frame.  That’s okay though if he likes it I will get him a better one – I just didn’t want to spend good money on a good scope for a 5 year old.

In using his kid’s microscope he will learn techniques that will still work on a “real” one.  Start at a lower power and move up as necessary, how to prepare slides, how to adjust focus, how to adjust the light.

One thing I liked about this particular kid’s microscope is that it has both a mirror and a battery powered light.  This makes it much easier to use.

We have started small by recreating many of the things he read about in his Greg’s microscope book, and he has been busy finding other things to look at.

This was a good investment, not in the toy microscope, but in my boy.

My dad always gave me the option to either grow up smart OR strong – I want my son to be both.

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