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Valley Food Storage Fruit Sampler

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I have tried a number of different food storage companies over the years, and I have found a couple I like working with.  Valley Food Storage is one of them.  Recently I got a chance to try their food storage fruit sampler pack.

The freeze dried pack came with three 15 serving resealable bags.  One each of Strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry.

My first experience with freeze dried fruit came in the Marines with strawberries in the MREs.  That was one one my favorites, but these strawberries are much more delicate and fresher tasting.  They melt right on your tongue and I can’t wait to try them in my morning oatmeal.

My son’s favorite was the blueberry – probably because they were a little like popcorn – light and airy, but with a crunch.  He did not like the raspberry because he said it was too “spicy”.  I agree it was tart, and not my favorite either.

I don’t recommend spending a lot of money on foods like freeze dried food storage fruit until you have the basics stored deep, but having something nice like fruit would make stressful times a little easier to manage.

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