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Recipe: Waffle Cone S’Mores

Recipe: Waffle Cone S'Mores

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This Waffle Cone S’Mores recipe was put in one of my books so I am not going to add the recipe (I have done this before and both my publisher and reviewers got made at me for selling books with content that could be found for free on this site).


i still want to share because it is a really fun recipe for camping (or just in your home oven).

I really like doing this recipe with kids.  Letting your child make their own waffle cone lets them be creative as well as allow them to make choices with little consequence.

These S’Mores are a pretty fun family activity.  Additionally they are a very tasty and kid friendly recipe.

Making this video was a win-win scenario.  I enjoyed making this video, and my son really enjoyed eating the desserts.  Unfortunately, Genny is still on her diet, so I don’t get to make these very much, she says I only cook desserts when I want to tempt her.

I am not the kind of guy to tempt a hungry mamma with melted chocolate.  I take risks, but I am not suicidal.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and take some time to cook with your kids.


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