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The Whys and Hows of Contact Shooting

The Whys and Hows of Contact Shooting
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Contact shooting is just what it sounds like. Putting the muzzle of the weapon in contact with the target and shooting it. This is done when you absolutely cannot afford to miss. An example of this would be your spouse or child being attacked and they are wrestling on the ground. Traditional aiming would be unsafe as there is too much movement and the good guy is too close to the bad guy.

The technique shown in the video is for locked breech guns that won’t fire when they are out of battery. Out of battery means the slide is depressed enough so that the gun is no longer locked.

This is particularly useful with Glocks, but it is applicable to many other makes and models.

Please take note that the gun not firing out of battery does not apply to all guns. I have owned semi-automatic pistols that would fire when the slide was depressed. Also, in class demonstrations with unloaded guns I have had the slide depresses, but not depressed enough so that the striker will fall.


Do not demonstrate the technique shown on the video with a loaded gun, mistakes can allow the gun to fire out of battery.

I have done this demonstration many times, and have guided students to do it hundreds of times. It is “scary” as many students are afraid the slide will come back and break their thumb.

This will not happen if pressure is placed on the back of the slide. This keeps the barrel locked and prevents the slide from moving under recoil. Do not let the slide move….

If you do not press the slide closed, and movement to the rear is started, it can hurt your thumb.

This is not a technique that needs a lot of practice, as it is a close proximity shot under extreme circumstances. Very few people will ever use this technique, but having it the tool box can be a lifesaver.


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