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William’s First Birthday

William's First Birthday
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Today is my son William’s First Birthday, and nothing has changed my life in a more positive way than having such a wonderful son. It is so amazing to watch him grow, and to sit back and be amazed at how quickly he is developing.

Along with being so proud of my boy, I have to say one year ago my wife gave me a very special gift, and I don’t think I could have handled all she went through near as well.

My wife is a great mother, and she works very hard to take care of Tell’s physical needs so I can have the pleasure of his company without worrying about spit-up and messy diapers…

As he gets older I am looking forward to teaching all the things I wish I was taught growing up.  I am also looking forward to spending time with him and enjoying watching him grow.

But as much as I am looking forward to the future.  I am enjoying the present.   The last year was a whirlwind of excitement, and on William’s first birthday I am amazed at how much such a little package can change a life.

I Love my WT

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