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Winwin Bluetooth Earphones Review

Gear Review: Winwin Bluetooth Earphones

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I am not normally a big fan of bluetooth headsets. people talking on ear pieces normally causes irrational thoughts.  However, I do like to listen to music, and lately I have been driving to places my normal radio won’t pick up.  Additionally, while working I like being able to listen to the music I have synced to my phone.  This is where the Winwin earphone works best.

This small bluetooth headset syncs with any bluetooth enabled device to allow the wearer to listen to music.  It works great when my child wants to hear 21 Pilots “Stressed Out” on repeat for a 2 hour drive.

I especially like how it comes with a second wired earbud do that I can listen in both ears if I choose.  This gives me the freedom to hear more music, or stay situationally aware.

This was a pretty fun product to review, I got to walk around listening to Don Williams without disturbing anyone.

I like these earbuds better than the bluetooth headsets, as listening to music is cool, but those people wandering around talking to themselves is annoying.

I did not get paid to review the winwin earphones, but I did get them at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion.


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