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EsiCam HN03 Wireless Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera Review


Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

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I need a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera because I have thief issues at my land.  A fence was build as a deterrent, but my Dad refuses to use it because he thinks he doesn’t need it when he is there.  (But he believes his backpack blower was stolen while he was sleeping in the shipping container)

I was looking for a wireless outdoor camera with IR capabilities when I was offered the opportunity to review this one.  Naturally I agreed.

The camera is pretty simple.  It comes with a short cat5 cable to plug into your router, mounting hardware, and a longer 115v wall wart.

Camera voltage is listed as 12v at 1.0 amps, so I think I can easily adapt it to run off of solar.  Even thought the manufacturer says not to modify the device.

The camera was much clearer than I expected, and the wireless function to my phone worked much faster and cleaner than other wireless cameras I have used in the past.

After playing with it I only have a few dislikes.

  • The instruction manual and app are for two different cameras which makes it confusing in the beginning.
  • I can’t find the listed SD card slot so I can record.  I believe the best deterrent for thievery is best done when the video of his theft is played in court.  If he is in jail he can’t steal from you.  (I learned later that you have to take the camera apart to insert a SD Card.  I have a how to video of that process.
  • My biggest issue is that the instructions say that once the camera is initialized with the router you can disconnect it and run the camera feed directly to your phone over WiFi.  I have found that this is not the case even though the phone says it is happening, as soon as I disconnect the camera from the router the camera goes off line.

My issues keep me from hooking the camera where I want it, but not from using it.  All in all I think it is a good camera, but I can’t get over the last two issues.

I did get this camera at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. #Homesecurity

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