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How to Build DIY Akro Bin Rail

How to Build DIY Akro Bin Rail for Simple Workshop Organization


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Here is the link for the instructables.com post that instigated this DIY akro bin rail project.

When I saw this workshop organizer project in my inbox I knew I had to try it.  I had just inherited quite a few acro bins, and when added to the ones I already had, I needed a place to store them.  Add in the fact that my spare parts box was full of nuts bolts and nails, and that it was taking an unreasonably long time to find the right parts when I needed them I had to do something.

In the instructuctable Mike Begley used aluminum flashing, but I found a piece of plastic molding first, and my ADD made me stop looking so I could get home and nail this thing to the wall.

I had a weird corner in my shop that left me about a foot of wasted space, so I cut the 8 ft section of molding into 8 sections and stapled them to the wall.

The lip of each bin clips neatly into the channel of the molding and holds them rather securely.  I do worry about the plastic breaking under extreme weight, but as long as I don’t put undo stress on the strips it should hold.  And if it does break, I get an excuse to buy a chop saw to cut aluminum flashing.

All in all I am very happy with my DIY Akro Bin Rail.

* Update

It has been more that 7 years since I made this Akro Bin wall, and it is still going strong.  I haven’t had a problem with the plastic railing like I imagined I would.  However, to be fair, I don’t really take the bins on an off the wall as I thought I would either.


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