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WT gets a Badge


WT gets a Badge
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So WT is learning about community helpers in school, and because of this he can dress as his favorite Community Helper on Friday.  He has a set of Fireman turnout gear with his name on the back, and a policeman uniform.  He can’t decide if he wants to be a policeman or a fireman when he grows up but his mom and I are betting he goes to school as a policeman.

Because of this I had to get him some new handcuffs for his uniform.  While at the store I also saw a wallet badge and thought he would like it.

Since I just reviewed a wireless doorbell that had a police siren on it I thought I would try to incorporate the two and surprise WT with it while giving him his police gear.

As expected he was more excited about the siren than he was about the badge and cuffs.  But WT did enjoy his handcuffs and his wallet.  He made me play restaurant where I give him the toy money and he makes me food “for pretend”

While I would be proud of my boy if he became a cop or a fireman, I think I would be just as happy if WT became a restaurant owner or as he sometimes wants to be a backhoe loader driver.


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