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WT on the Backhoe

WT on the Backhoe

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There really is not anything to this post, I was digging a stump and William wanted to sit with me.  Genny had to take a video and WT wanted it shared.

So if you want a see a fat man and a little boy sit on a backhoe and move dirt then have at watching.

Really though this is more for the memories as hopefully William and I can look back at these videos when he is grown and can remember all the things we did together.

I have a really good kid, he is sweet and kind and funny – of course is also strong willed and imaginative so I spend a lot of time disciplining him – but I don’t want all of his memories of his childhood to be of me telling him no.  (I thought my name was No Stop That until I went to school and asked why do you keep calling me David)

I hate to get rid of this backhoe, but I want a smaller subcompact that I can safely (a little less dangerously) operate on the hillside so I can terrace it for crops and to reduce the runoff.  But with a big bucket it can more some dirt, much better than the 8 inch on the tractor I want.


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