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5 Essential Tools for Preppers

5 Essential Tools for Preppers


Youtube Prepper Tag
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I didn’t know it, but apparently I was playing YouTube Prepper Tag, well at least someone thought I was playing and tagged me to produce a video of 5 things I thought every prepper, and especially a new prepper should have.

That was easy, the hard part was to then tag 5 other preppers on youtube to do the same.  Its kinda like a pyramid prepping game, it only gets larger.

I tried my best to keep it simple and stay away from the “I’m cool, look at my stuff videos”.  I wanted 5 items that almost everyone can afford, or already has (and in some cases, had BETTER already have).

5 Essential Tools for Preppers

  1. The grey mushy thing inside your brain housing group.  An especially its ability to
    1. Keep calm in a disaster
    2. Process information to find the best solutions to hard problems
    3. Recall previous information stored inside.
  2. Reference Material – Lets face it your grape has a limited storage potential, and there is only so many hours in a day to learn new skills.  Having a good reference library can really help when your faced with situations you have never dealt with before.  Now I don’t want to, nor do I want to be the patient of someone that has no medical training and is performing an appendectomy using a candle, a pocket knife, and the book “NATO Emergency War Surgery”.  BUT…. I would grab a vet book to learn to tube feed a newborn goat.
  3. People – Well, good healthy relationships with people.  I don’t care how strong, smart, and prepared you are, you cannot spend all day working at the labor needed to survive a catastrophic disaster and the run a LP/OP all night every night for very long.  Nobody is totally self sufficient, and we all need help.  You should find trustworthy people now, and build those relationships before you need them.
  4. Tools – Hand tools that do not require power.  Not just the typical hammer, saw, and wrenches, but homesteading tools like wheat grinders, churns, presses, and anything else you can think of run by hand and not current.  Even if you cannot use it, you can barter it for things you do need.
  5. Guns – I don’t advocate playing Rambo, or indulging in a Walter Mitty fantasy, but if your living in a failed state due to a cataclysmic disaster, your going to want at least one reliable firearm and copious amounts of ammunition.

Now, so you still have a reason to watch the video, I’m not going to tell you who I tagged, or why, but I will tell you some of them are pretty well know, and the rest have some pretty awesome videos that should not be overlooked.

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