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2011 Zombie Invitational

2011 Zombie Invitational


2011 Zombie Invitational
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This video was my entry into the 2011 Zombie Invitational.  The premise is that we are in the beginning of a zombie apocalypse and I have to show the contents of my bug out bag and explain my rational.  Obviously the is not my real BoB.

In case you can’t tell I am employing a but of snark – I make fun of the CDC’s zombie plan, talk smack about my boss blocking zombie squad from the work computers, make fun of people whose disaster plan is to live off of the charity of those they know have prepared, and take a pot shot at my mother in law – who, even though she doesn’t like me much, is pretty good to me.  She always texts me (5 or 6 times) the day of my anniversary, valentine’s day, and Genny’s birthday.

I wish my wife thought I was funny, but when I try to make jokes she looks at me funny.  As she worked the camera taping the 2011 zombie invitational video she had that look.  I am surprised she has not divorced me yet.  Especially after my video on her leaving me….

I had a lot of fun shooting this video.  I hope you have fun watching it.


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