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3 Practical Concealed Carry Tips for Women

3 Practical Concealed Carry Tips for Women

Many women want to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense but don’t feel comfortable with everyday carry. Firearms training courses are an effective way to learn more about firearms and techniques for shooting.

Choosing the right gun, finding the right carry position, and putting in the training time will help anyone find what works for them. Discover three practical concealed carry tips for women.

1. Choose a Gun That Fits

While some people assume that women want to carry small handguns, this is inaccurate. As with any person who carries a concealed firearm, the best type of gun, size, and caliber depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

You can read online reviews to learn what people have to say about different models. Consider renting a gun at a shooting range so you can try the gun out before you buy it. You’ll want a gun that fits well in your hand and that you can safely and efficiently operate.

2. Use an Effective Carry Position

To carry a concealed weapon, you must master discretion. Sometimes, people with smaller body frames have a trickier time finding the right concealed carry holster position. And clothes manufactured for women are often made with thinner fabric that doesn’t hide a gun and holster as well as thicker material does.

Experiment with different positions of inside-the-waistband carry. If you spend a lot of time seated, you might prefer having an ankle holster. You want a position that feels comfortable, keeps your gun hidden, and keeps your weapon accessible in case of an emergency.

While off-body concealed carry probably won’t be your everyday carry position, you should consider concealed carry bags for some occasions. Your gun bag should be made specifically for carrying a firearm so that you have the safest and most efficient product. Keep in mind that with off-body CCW bags, you’ll need to treat the bag as a holster rather than a regular bag. That means always keeping it with you to prevent access from unauthorized persons.

3. Routinely Train With Your Gear

The final practical concealed carry tip for women is to train with your gun and equipment routinely. If you don’t train, you won’t be as familiar with your gun and holster as you should be. Training helps you feel comfortable with your weapon and builds your muscle memory so that you can react smoothly if you need to use your firearm.

Practicing two to three times a month is effective for most people. Choose one objective for your session and make it a specific purpose. For example, you might train to maintain a proper grip to improve recoil control, or you might work on maintaining your stance.

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