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4 Tips for Getting More Power out of Your Truck

4 Tips for Getting More Power out of Your Truck

Trucks are great for getting around town and the great outdoors, hauling and towing, and generally bringing the extra power when you need it most. But what if your truck feels like it’s falling behind on performance? If you have the budget, tools, and know-how, you can upgrade your truck to get extra power all around. Here are four tips for getting more power out of your truck.

Replace the Engine

Admittedly, this isn’t a method for the casual mechanic, but it’s the surest way to boost your truck’s power. Replacing the engine requires time, money, and patience, but the results are amazing. You can either buy a crate engine fully assembled or build it yourself, though the more economical way is to buy a fully intact engine. Before embarking on this rewarding challenge, however, we advise getting the advice of an experienced mechanic first and regularly consulting with them over the course of the installation or build.

Install a Tuner

Briefly, tuners are on-board computers that tell your truck how to operate. Factory settings determine fuel efficiency, pressure, timing, and more. Preinstalled tuners have standard factory presets designed to get the most out of the vehicle without pushing it past its limits. However, you can override these settings to get your truck to achieve more. Tuning can push your truck up to and even past its limits. But overdoing it can cause engine failure and other issues, so keep this in mind while operating your vehicle.

Add a Cold Air Intake

Scientifically speaking, cool air has more oxygen packed into a smaller space than hot air. More oxygen added to your fuel means it burns better and provides more power. With a cold air intake, you can expect more horsepower for your speed and torque, the latter of which is good for towing and hauling heavy loads. Your fuel efficiency will improve, and the truck will have a more satisfying roar as well.

Pick the Right Tires

The last of our four tips for getting more power out of your truck is picking the right tires. Your tires have a lot to say about your truck’s performance. Larger tires with a better grip can provide more maneuverability and a smoother ride. Maintain the air pressure at proper levels and regularly inspect the tires for wear and tear and punctures. If you frequently head out into the wild, get a set of off-road tires for added stability and security as you ride over dirt and gravel roads.

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