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4 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Golf Cart

4 Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Golf Cart

Cleaning a golf cart isn’t entirely unlike cleaning a car. You want to be in the right area, have the right materials, and do things properly. Here are Ben Nelson’s four tips for properly cleaning your golf cart to ensure that everything goes well and that you don’t deal with some of the common hassles.

1. Use the Right Cleaner

You should always consult your golf cart manual to note any specifics regarding which cleaners to use. Certain cleaners are ineffective, while others may damage your cart’s coating or paint job. You might end up spending a little more on the right cleaner, but it’s cheaper than paying for a new paint job!

2. Park Your Cart Appropriately

We highly recommend moving your cart to a place where you can clean it without hassle. We recommend an open driveway or other paved areas where you can access every side of the cart. However, don’t clean your golf cart on the grass since certain chemicals in the cleaner may be harmful to the plants and soil.

3. Remove Objects From the Cart

One helpful tip for properly cleaning your golf cart is to remember to take everything out of it before you start. You don’t want the water or chemicals to damage your personal belongings, and cleaning is the perfect time to remove any garbage or trash bags from your cart.

4. Sanitize Specific Areas

Many people who clean their golf carts focus primarily on the exterior and clean the body or tires while neglecting the areas that we frequently come into contact with. After cleaning your cart, we recommend disinfecting and sanitizing areas your hands often touch. Steering wheels, seat belts, radio knobs, and more all accumulate a lot of germs, so remove them whenever you clean your golf cart.

Ben Nelson Golf & Outdoor has a wide range of new and pre-owned carts from many different makes and models. We’re a reliable EZ-GO golf cart dealer and can help you find the cart that works best for your personal or professional needs. For more details, stop by one of our dealerships or contact us anytime, and we’ll do what we can to help you out!

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