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4 Ways to Cook Bacon

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I love learning new ways of doing things, and sometimes I even find better ways of doing things. As I have been making a lot of bacon lately, so I figured I would look up new ways of cooking it.  Today we show 4 ways to cook bacon

But really that’s just intro fluff – what you need to know is that it is a post about BACON

We use:

  • A microwave
    An Oven
    Water in a Skillet
    A George Foreman Grill

AND as a bonus, we weave some bacon and fry it so that when we make sandwiches we can get bacon on every inch.


  • On a microwave safe dish, we placed a doubled paper towel, the bacon, and then covered it with a paper towel.
  • Our instructions said cook it for 5 minutes, flip and cook 5 more. We found 5 minutes total did a good job.
  • The microwave bacon shrunk more than the other methods, and it tended to stick a little to the paper, but it was the crispest of the methods.


  • On a cookie sheet we laid out some parchment paper (the first time we did not use any, but it works MUCH better with), and then covered with bacon.
  • We preheated the oven to 375 and baked for 15 minutes.
  • We have read that some put the bacon in a cold oven and then set the temp to 400, and by the time the oven reaches temp the bacon is mostly cooked, but the 375 preheated oven did a very nice job.

Foreman Grill

  • So simple is defies explanation, we set the bacon on the grill, cooked for about 4 minutes, and flipped it.
  • Very easy and it cooked up very nice.
  • A tip is to look at the grease as it runs off – as the bacon is cooked the fat will become clearer and thinner.


Historically I normally just throw my bacon in a medium hot skillet and flip it around with a fork until I take it out and eat it.

  • In this method you take a cold skillet, put in your bacon, and then pour in enough water to cover the bacon.
  • Put on the heat and cook.
  • The water will parboil the bacon as it boils – which cooks the bacon without the need for turning or flipping or a lot of oversight. As the water boils away the bacon will start to sputter. This signals you that the cooking is almost done and you will need to start paying attention. Basically once the water boils away you only need to cook the bacon to your desired level of brownness.
  • This technique is good for fancy breakfasts where you have a lot going on and cannot devote all your attention to the frying bacon.

Three neat things that may be useful:

  • Bacon curls from uneven heating – so the parboiled bacon and oven bacon curl less because they are heated more evenly.
  • When frying bacon, the oil bubbles get smaller as the bacon cooks
  • Bacon crisps as it cools, so if you cook it to desired crispiness, then it will be over cooked and more brittle than you desire – so pull it out when almost done.

By he way, if you want high quality bacon, in bulk, for a good price, try Zaycon Foods – I have always been very happy with their products

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