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5 Paintball Gloves to Purchase This Year

Paintball Gloves

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Paintball is a sport that can work out your entire body. Hence, you have to consider purchasing useful equipment to help you on the field.

Irrespective of the fact that you are playing woodsball or speedball, your hands will be exposed to cuts and scratches throughout the entire day.

You may get splinters and thorns which can get infected.

That is why you must consider purchasing some paintball gloves that could improve your game. You have to make sure your hands are covered and protected. Otherwise, you will get abrasions or rub burns. The tender areas are your fingers and the back of the hand.

Find out which are the best tactical gloves for paintball to protect your hands. Generally, paintball gloves have two purposes. One of them is to protect your hands while playing and the other is to maintain a firm grip when holding the gun.

1.   5.11 Tactical Station Grip Black Gloves

5.11 Tactical Station Grip Black Gloves

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This pair of gloves is developed in collaboration with Ironclad Performance Wear. It combines rugged and rough durability with a dependable design. Hence, the gloves help you fulfill even the toughest tasks. At the palm, it features heavy duty leather reinforcements. That is why they provide incredible slash and flash protection. However, they remain responsive and flexible. The padded knuckles will protect you from abrasion and impact.

2.   Armored Claw “Shield Flex” Tactical Glove

The gloves are made from durable materials, being suitable in the most demanding situations. They feature padded knuckle protectors. Furthermore, the padded EVA foam can provide additional protection. The neoprene and spandex offer maximum elasticity and safety. The synthetic leather on the palms offer paintball players cut protection and improved grip. Another advantage is that these gloves are also touchscreen compatible. They also feature elastic adjustable wristbands as well as loop and hook fastener.

3.   Avengers Mil-Spec Tactical Gloves

This pair of gloves keep your hands safe during the game, preventing scratches and other wounds from appearing. Furthermore, they absorb hits very well and offer good grip. Another important aspect is that they are very comfortable. They are also very durable. The gloves feature flexible wrist tabs, allowing you to take them off in combat without unlatching the Velcro.

4.   Condor Premium Leather Tactician Shooting Gloves

These tactical paintball gloves are extremely comfortable while also providing full protection. They feature the TouchTec Nanotechnology, improving dexterity and offering you seamless functionality when it comes to touchscreen devices. The gloves are made from neoprene and breathable, lightweight spandex. Hence, this is how you obtain the comfortable fit and increased dexterity on fingertips. Another great thing about these gloves is that they feature double layer reinforced leather on knuckles and palms.

5.   EMG/ Mechanix Wear FastFit Covert Tactical Gloves

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The Mechanix Wear FastFit Covert Tactical Gloves are of great quality. Their low-profile design offers increased protection and perfect grip. They are lightweight and feature the EMG branding across the knuckles. Furthermore, the FastFit design eliminates loop and hook tabs. The tactical gloves’ breathable TrekDry form perfectly fits the hand. EMG has anatomically designed these paintball gloves with two-piece palm to prevent material bunching. EMG has partnered with Mechanix Wear to develop these incredible paintball gloves, helping you improve your dexterity and flexibility.

What to Look For in A Tactical Glove

Consider buying paintball gloves made from tough synthetic material or leather. Some of the best brands feature Kevlar nylon reinforcement meant to protect your hands when in dives, crawls and falls. Usually, the backs of the gloves are made from sewn padding, compression-developed foam armor, rubber or plastic. These materials act as an armor, promoting bounce and protecting you from incoming hits. To improve the grip on your marker, you should find some gloves that have rubber patches on the palms and fingers in case your gun becomes slippery because of paint splatter. Depending on your playing style, you will find the best gloves.

We know that it is not easy to find the best tactical gloves. Hence, this will really be of help. To combat your enemy, you will need to have great equipment and some gloves that provide you incredible grip. This way, you will be able to hold the gun and aim even when it gets slippery.

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